Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

New (old) piece is finished

Long time since my last post. During that time few things happened: I wrote a set of “Pieces for Kids. Level I”, finished one of my older pieces called “A Tune”, which I was composing in 2015, but didn’t finish, went to a lecture of Patrick Zeoli (student of Abel Carlevaro) about the guitar technique. […]

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Dance music

Yesterday started working on a new Kizomba song. Main theme is ready. Unlike “Above the Stars”, it will be more acoustic and I invited a female singer, who also will write lyrics.

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New recording is out!

“Promise” is a guitar duo piece, that I wrote for our guitar duo – The Jack Duo (Vahur Kubja & Dmitri Timoshenko). Inspired by the beauty of the instrument, the piece is speaking about promise, dedication and responsibility taken after you make a promise. It was composed within couple of weeks in June 2018 and […]

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Getting closer

It is time to get closer to one of my biggest dreams. Namely, for many years I dreamed to compose music for movies. After long preparations, this summer I will finally create my portfolio as a film composer. In the Autumn on my website will be available excerpts and separate scenes of different genre: Romantic, […]

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Next academic year

Another academic year is over, but already generating ideas for teaching during next year. GLOSSARY Many students start instrument playing when the school starts, age 6-7. Children’s reading skills are incomplete or completely missing. Even though actual theory learning doesn’t start at that point, it’s possible to teach to a small children musical glossary through […]

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