Monthly Archives: August 2019

Modes In Moods now available!

This summer I wrote 7 short pieces – sketches, – each corresponding to one of the seven Greek modes/scales (name of the scale is in the brackets). Also, I tried to find a title, which would describe the mood of each piece. I really hope you like it!

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During the summer vacation I found time to prepare new project – “TheNorthGuitarLessons”. I will be publishing regularly videos teaching and explaining different pieces and songs, composition, improvisation and technical exercises, in other words – everything I know about the guitar! If you want to learn more about guitar music, please SUBSCRIBE:

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Lahti Organ Festival – Órgano Latino

Returned from the Lahti Organ Festival – Órgano Latino. The concert went well. It was the celebration of Latin-American music and dance! The international group of performers brought Argentinian “Misa criollan” by Ariel Ramírez and Vicente Bianchi’s “Misa a la chilenan”, based on Chilean folk music, to Sibelius Hall. Astonishing organ solos, tango and folk […]

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