Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

Modes In Moods now available!

This summer I wrote 7 short pieces – sketches, – each corresponding to one of the seven Greek modes/scales (name of the scale is in the brackets). Also, I tried to find a title, which would describe the mood of each piece. I really hope you like it!

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During the summer vacation I found time to prepare new project – “TheNorthGuitarLessons”. I will be publishing regularly videos teaching and explaining different pieces and songs, composition, improvisation and technical exercises, in other words – everything I know about the guitar! If you want to learn more about guitar music, please SUBSCRIBE:

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Lahti Organ Festival – Ă“rgano Latino

Returned from the Lahti Organ Festival – Ă“rgano Latino. The concert went well. It was the celebration of Latin-American music and dance! The international group of performers brought Argentinian “Misa criollan” by Ariel RamĂ­rez and Vicente Bianchi’s “Misa a la chilenan”, based on Chilean folk music, to Sibelius Hall. Astonishing organ solos, tango and folk […]

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Copying and creating

It takes pain to create something of your own. To come up with a thing that didn’t exist before. Many years ago I became interested in what steps have to be undertaken to start being (more) creative. 1st, you have to hear and see what have been done before you. Describe it with simple words. […]

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Another new piece composed

Today morning composed a piece for solo guitar called “Two Fishes”. It is an old sign. Reading about it inspired me to write a piece. When get some time will record and publish. Not later than this month! 🙂

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