Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

Стих о весне

Сегодня за утренним кофе, пришли такие строки: ВЕСНАУтро дождём шелестит,восстаёт ото сна природа.2 скворца пролетели на ель,Свежий ветер подул, запах моря. Тикает стрелка, струится рассвет.36 дней-рождений на свете.В уме вопрос, а в сердце – ответ.Рядом счастье лежит на постели.Природа смывает вчера,Лес и город бросают Морфея.Солнце верно пришло как всегда,Миллиарды годов лелея.

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“Suisse Suite” – Dmitri Timoshenko – played by AD libitum Guitar Duo

Switzerland is a small and cozy country in the very center of Europe. Due to its multi-nationality and linguistic diversity, it seems huge. Here you will find a rare combination of natural and man-made attractions. The visiting card of Switzerland is the majestic mountains covered with sparkling snow, picturesque valleys, crystal clear lakes and fast […]

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Unity – Dmitri Timoshenko (Orchestral version)

As the title of the piece – “Unity”, – suggests, this piece describes the powerful feeling that comes from solidarity. The traditions of any tribe and culture on Earth are aimed at being together, united. And not only humans practice this, other animals and living organisms also follow this irresistible instinct. Regarding the orchestral version […]

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Corporate Music

Corporate music is generally a type of background music that will work well for company presentations, advertising, business, or technology solutions. The music here carries a sense of positiveness, strength and confidence, but can also at times be rather subtle and understated. I hope you will like it! If you have an offer to order […]

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A new song is out now!

Happy woman’s day! I wish all the women patience, perseverance and love! (the same thing I said to reporters who caught me downtown today and asked me to give a short speech to women all over the world). For 3 months I haven’t been very active in terms of making music due to some major […]

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