Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

Fingerstyle guitar

Few days ago published my first fingerstyle guitar arrangement. For that purpose I have chosen a popular Estonian song “Kauges Külas”. Fingerstyle is when you play simultaneously more than one voice line: melody, bass and accompaniment, sometimes even percussive effects. The playing style itself is nothing that really new (polyphonic – multiple voicing, – music […]

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Keep going

Even though epidemic did “mix my cards” a bit, I kept practicing guitar, making dozens of arrangements and stayed even more focused! During next week I’ll will try to bring one of the arrangements – in a so called “fingerstyle guitar”, – to a decent level, record and respectively publish it 🙂 So if you […]

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Estonian National Symphony Orchestra + Dmitri. Done!

Yesterday was a concert at the Estonia concert hall. The hall was full and Estonian Radio was broadcasting the event. Brett Dean’s “Fire Music” really impressed the public! Programme Note Fire Music was written in response to the disastrous “Black Saturday” bushfires of 2009. Brett Dean: “As part of my background reading while writing the piece, […]

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Estonian National Symphony Orchestra + Dmitri. Continued.

Brett Dean’s “Fire Music” is rhythmically a pretty difficult piece . I used to play quite a lot of contemporary music: Electric Counterpoint by S. Reich, Domino Figures by W. Siegel and many others. All those were challenging pieces, but there always were clear places to refer your part to. In the current composition – […]

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Warm up exercises on a guitar Part 3-4

Today we’ll talked about another portion of WARM-UP exercises! I use them myself and suggest you try. “Hammer-on” „Pull-off” Walking” “Hammer-on” and „pull-off” techniques have been used in all the guitar music for a very long time. These exercises train fingers and both hands’ coordination.

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Where is Dmitri?

Hey guys, Hope you are doing fine. These days I’ve been preparing a lot of teaching material (exercises and pieces) for students of different levels and organizing concerts for them, reading about / and studying fingerstyle technique, arranging and practicing traditional Latin-America songs and dances for one guitar (will have a gig with it in […]

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