Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

Homenaje a Tarrega

Ate a Spanish lunch, made coffee and sat down at the piano. An hour later, Dedication to Tarrega was ready. This week will record at my home studio and post on YouTube. Stay tuned!

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Musical Composition. Analysis.

Last week came an idea of doing an analysis of one beautiful classical guitar piece, written by Francisco Tarrega, a Spanish guitar and composer of Romanticism era. Now preparing small and interesting lecture on that and will soon publish it on YouTube.

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Fingerstyle guitar

Few days ago published my first fingerstyle guitar arrangement. For that purpose I have chosen a popular Estonian song “Kauges Külas”. Fingerstyle is when you play simultaneously more than one voice line: melody, bass and accompaniment, sometimes even percussive effects. The playing style itself is nothing that really new (polyphonic – multiple voicing, – music […]

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