Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

New piece ready

Today morning finished writing new work for solo guitar, that I started yesterday from a scratch. The form is a Fantasia, which was difficult form for me to handle. But I learned and accomplished it. Fantasia seemed difficult to for it has no clear form (intro, A, B… outro) – just a theme/melody that piece […]

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Wanted to record last weekend two pieces from the Moods, but didn’t have time: academic year is coming to an end, students are doing their 1st level exam, as well as one student went to composition competition. Have to prepare and give all of them work for the summer. In addition, preparing a small promo […]

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Searching (for the Harmony)

Today’s morning brought another piece from the set of short sketches for solo guitar. “Searching (for the Harmony)” is identified with anxiety, running around, uneasiness, waiting, and finally, pacification. With that piece also came arrival to a slightly new harmonic language, that I haven’t used before. New door got opened and new colors discovered. Every composer’s […]

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Continue writing short sketches for solo guitar. It was a challenge to figure out name for the 4th piece. It has a monotonous accompaniment throughout the piece and two characters of melody: one serene and second restless. While playing it and listening to the flow of melody I went through several possible options. In one I […]

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Continue writing short sketches for solo guitar. Today morning came Third piece, dedicated to flowers, roses. Contemplating, smelling and touching them. In two weeks will be recorded and published! The set will be called “Moods”.

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… has undergone last improvements and now is under practice. I continue writing short sketches for solo guitar, which describe moments of life. 2. In CAFE is emotion that transmits two aspects of coffee drinking ritual: First – relaxed morning, smell of a Brazilian coffee and quietude, first sips and dark chocolate. Second – the contrast […]

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