Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

TheNorthGuitarLessons – Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Today we will learn how to play a song called “Shallow” performed by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper. I spent some time preparing the ORIGINAL VERSION, because there are many of those on YouTube who play and teach it close to the original, but not really the same. So, here you have THE REAL ONE! […]

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TheNorthGuitarLessons – Warm up exercises on a guitar

Exercises to warm-up and to train fingers. All these exercises train fingers and both hands coordination among other good things. These exercises strengthen the right hand fingers, as well as polish the precision in plucking the strings.

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Modes In Moods now available!

This summer I wrote 7 short pieces – sketches, – each corresponding to one of the seven Greek modes/scales (name of the scale is in the brackets). Also, I tried to find a title, which would describe the mood of each piece. I really hope you like it!

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