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Composer – Performer exam program

My Composer – Performer exam program (part of my Thesis/final work) for the 3rd of June is becoming more and more interesting: – solo guitar Sonatas with some influence of Lapish (Sami) traditional music – duo for two violins (arr. for two guitars) with African rhythms – duo with African singer (African rhythms) – trio: […]

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Forgot the score

Bad feeling when you go on stage to play concert, put the scores in the front of you, start to play first part, then second. After removing second´s part sheet, you are waiting, that there will be the third part, but there is FOURTH! Damn… you begin quietly to search for the third part, so […]

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Concerts in Lapland

Concerts in Lapland completed! Audience is very warm and attentive. Organisers of the concert in Salla warned me, that there might be a problem in the beginning of the concert to get their attention, but nothing like that really happened. When I came to the stage, they clapped and I set down. Ears began to ache […]

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