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Next academic year

Another academic year is over, but already generating ideas for teaching during next year. GLOSSARY Many students start instrument playing when the school starts, age 6-7. Children’s reading skills are incomplete or completely missing. Even though actual theory learning doesn’t start at that point, it’s possible to teach to a small children musical glossary through […]

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Learning guitar

По-русски ниже. Eesti keeles allpool. EN May – June. Examinations in progress. First year of studies is introduction to guitar: simple, characteristic pieces on one, two and more strings; melodies on treble, on bass strings; solo pieces, guitar duo with teacher. Basic skills are obtained: correct posture, sound producing; improvisation, composition (song form). Second year […]

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Afghanistan traditional music

Today had an amazing experience of playing and improvising Afghanistan traditional music together with great professionals: Homayun Sakhi on rubab, Siar Hashimi on tabla from Afghanistan and Abbos Kosimov on doyra from Uzbekistan. My guitar duo partner, some colleagues on Chinese flutes, another rubab and doyra. Very inspiring!

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