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“The Mystic River” (Video)

The piece was composed in 2014. At the time I was living and working in Finland. All seemed to be settled down and planned for few years ahead. But after a few months I felt getting bored. I won a competition and went to live and study in Switzerland. The piece was inspired by that […]

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Trip to Andalucia

This summer 2017 one of my dreams came true – I visited Andalucia, The South of Spain. For one month I was discovering Alicante, Murcia, Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla. Many hours of passionate Flamenco music making and dancing saw, hundreds of small streets walked, many kilos of the most juicy and sweet fruits ate, lot […]

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Taking off

Finally. Tomorrow early morning I take a flight to Andalucia. Plan to see Granada, Sevilla and couple of other cities. For a guitarist it is “must”. Of course I take Alhambra too! F. Tarrega after visiting the place was inspired to write a piece: I love the version of Julian Bream.    

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