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New (old) piece is finished

Long time since my last post. During that time few things happened: I wrote a set of “Pieces for Kids. Level I”, finished one of my older pieces called “A Tune”, which I was composing in 2015, but didn’t finish, went to a lecture of Patrick Zeoli (student of Abel Carlevaro) about the guitar technique. […]

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Calm Christmas and Happy New Year! <3

Even though my official holidays started three days ago, I continued working with my friend and colleague – practicing guitar to deliver one beautiful piece to you. Antoine de Lhoyer, Frenchman, guitarist, composer, who participated in French revolution, to whom I have deep respect. The Jack Duo playing a beautiful guitar duo piece for you: […]

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Into the depths of jazz

Last weekend The Jack Duo had a performance in Pärnu, Estonia. There, we also visited an Estonian classical/jazz guitarist Marek Talts, who gave us useful tips, so that we can continue discovering the world of jazz. New tricks and skills to learn and new knowledge to digest. Plan, divide into small piece, move step by […]

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