“duo Telluur”

Photo by Ele Luiga


(Woke Up) In the Dream

The piece was written last year specially for duo Telluur (members: English horn – Heli Ernits, Kirill Ogorodnikov – guitar). The recording was made on one nice weekend day a few months ago, the 5th of May, 2018, Tallinn, Studio89. Sound Engineering/Music Production: Nikita Shishkov.

It has four parts: Walking in the Forest, African Waltz, By the C and In the City. It is a representation of a night sleep. Sometimes we see dreams at night: one, two, three, sometimes more. Those dreams contain our desires and fears. “(Woke Up) In the Dream” refers to the feeling when you go sleeping and see again a dream, that you have seen before. So, in a way, you “wake up” “there” and continue your (second) “life” which is in that dream.

First dream – “Walking in the Forest”. Summer. You, an urbanite, enter the forest. Walk around, contemplate; hear your steps, leaves in trees, see its creatures from time to time here and there.

The second one – “African Waltz”. Here I mixed features of European and African music. We all are born to move in a rhythm and it is our natural desire, a way how to express ourselves.

Third dream – “By the C”. Living in Tallinn, I often go to a shore (especially in the summer) of the Baltic sea, alone or with someone close: listen to the waves, wind and gulls. “By the C” it is also called because I built it around the C note.

The last one – “In the City”. I live outside the center, but work in the center. Every time I go to work I enter it’s crowds, rush and mechanisms. Walk down the streets – people with different expressions passing by… Interesting: every year I travel somewhere and it’s interesting that only in Estonia or Russia I find people with these specific faces – life is written on their face: expression are complex, contain a lot of turns of fate. Kind, angry; lost, found; young, middle, old; constructions workers, businessman, sellers, IT workers… Hundreds and thousands. Sometimes I take a sandwich and take a sit in the green park in the middle of the town: less of noise, people sit on the benches, some read newspapers.

“Promise” is a guitar duo piece, that I wrote for our guitar duo – The Jack Duo (Vahur Kubja & Dmitri Timoshenko). Inspired by the beauty of the instrument, the piece is speaking about promise, dedication and responsibility taken after you make a promise. It was composed within couple of weeks in June 2018 and recorded during one unusually warm Estonian summer day (+28 C) at my home studio. There are three basic themes and several improvisation sections. Hope you like it!