Monthly Archives: May 2017

The power of music

Someone can impress you for a several of times with a perfect technique, virtuosity, drumming, strumming and all other athletic stuff on an instrument. But it’s all is short-lasting. The real power of a piece is in a melody. A melody, that is singable, swinging and expressive. If you are able to write such a […]

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Purpose of music

I would like my music to serve at least three purposes: 1. To be educational (that it would contain information about a distant places and cultures; connected to history) 2. That it would have something, that one can think of and discuss, as well as 3. Purely for aesthetical pleasure while listening to it (relaxing, […]

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My favorite composition technique is…

… a DIALOG. It opens many opportunities how to compose a piece as well as puts certain game rules. In case of a two instrument composition it is very beautiful when one instrument “asks” and other “answers”, one “proposes” and other “rejects” or “accepts”.

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