Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

New pieces for solo guitar

One month vacation is passing away! For me it meant (as always) working/studying on my own and preparing for some exams. Few new pieces are already under construction. Also, decided to learn write better poetry and more interesting texts for my songs, so currently dedicating some time it (texts yet in Russian, but soon will try also […]

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A piece for a voice, guitar and double bass

A piece for a voice, guitar and double bass is almost ready! 🙂 Since the beginning of my official music studies I was educated in terms of classical music and classical harmony. Later, when I started to write my first pieces (with a “help” of destructive criticism of some teachers), it was hard for me […]

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Guitar sonata by Vsevolod Pozdejev

Good news for guitarist and music lovers! Estonian guitar music repertoire got new piece – Sonata by Vsevolod Pozdejev. Shortly about the piece. In summer 2014 I asked, if he could write some larger form for the guitar (previously he wrote one beautiful piece, which I did recorded last year). He agreed and few months […]

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1. Stop, put an instrument aside 2. Describe what happened (finger was not in the right time on the right place etc.) 3. Figure out a solution (there might be many: new fingering, different technique etc.) 4. Take an instrument, try the solution out 5. If it works – continue playing piece until the error 6. If solution not […]

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Rhythm in music

Since beginning of summer 2013 I attend salsa, bachata and kizomba dance lessons. Dancing salsa gave me new dimension in understanding the rhythm in music. My playing has changed in a way, that I began to feel the flow of music (Note! Not the beat! The flow! Because music doesn´t beat, it flows, in my opinion. […]

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Forgot the score

Bad feeling when you go on stage to play concert, put the scores in the front of you, start to play first part, then second. After removing second´s part sheet, you are waiting, that there will be the third part, but there is FOURTH! Damn… you begin quietly to search for the third part, so […]

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