The Power Of Art

It also applies to a poetry, dance, painting and other fields of art. It’s just because I am a musician, I would like to write here about music.

Sometimes I receive an invitation to play in uncommon concert place: a hospital,  for example. Doesn’t sound very happy place, does it? The fact is that people there often feel, forgotten, lonely and disconnected from the rest of society. And they need attention.

You come in the front of them, sit, tune your guitar. Hit the strings: play solo, sing a song, and all these white walls, smell of a medicine – all just disappears. People look at you like you are a magician. No one notices anymore the surrounding – all are taken to a journey, magical ride, to another place far away! Worries are forgotten, souls and hearts are receiving energy, people are sharing emotions. And after non of us is exactly the same person.

I think, that is one of the musician’s tasks: to give hope to people, to each other. To say something important with music.