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Warm up exercises on a guitar Part 3-4

Today we’ll talked about another portion of WARM-UP exercises! I use them myself and suggest you try. “Hammer-on” „Pull-off” Walking” “Hammer-on” and „pull-off” techniques have been used in all the guitar music for a very long time. These exercises train fingers and both hands’ coordination.

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TheNorthGuitarLessons – Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Today we will learn how to play a song called “Shallow” performed by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper. I spent some time preparing the ORIGINAL VERSION, because there are many of those on YouTube who play and teach it close to the original, but not really the same. So, here you have THE REAL ONE! […]

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Learning guitar

По-русски ниже. Eesti keeles allpool. EN May – June. Examinations in progress. First year of studies is introduction to guitar: simple, characteristic pieces on one, two and more strings; melodies on treble, on bass strings; solo pieces, guitar duo with teacher. Basic skills are obtained: correct posture, sound producing; improvisation, composition (song form). Second year […]

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