Concerts in Lapland

Concerts in Lapland completed!

Audience is very warm and attentive.

Organisers of the concert in Salla warned me, that there might be a problem in the beginning of the concert to get their attention, but nothing like that really happened. When I came to the stage, they clapped and I set down. Ears began to ache because of complete silence. Beautiful evangelical lutheran Church of the very small city in the far north, in the middle of the mountains of Lapland is a  perfect place to stay with your thoughts one on one. Then softly plucked the a-minor chord of Bach´s Grave putted air vibrating. Concert began. I played 70 minutes without intermission.

In all concerts there was very peaceful mood and I have made a decision to change the program a bit and replaced one composition to give an appeased ending.

One might think that the people of the very north are cold and not talkative, but they are the exact opposite. When you speak to them on the street they want to talk to you always a bit longer and always smile 🙂  A bit different it is in Turku…