Guitar sonata by Vsevolod Pozdejev

Good news for guitarist and music lovers!

Estonian guitar music repertoire got new piece – Sonata by Vsevolod Pozdejev.

Shortly about the piece.
In summer 2014 I asked, if he could write some larger form for the guitar (previously he wrote one beautiful piece, which I did recorded last year).
He agreed and few months of serious work and cooperation paid well off. Taking as a basis Russian avant garde painter Vladimir Sterligov’s idea “Straight line is dividing world in two parts. It’s difficult to imagine to ourselves something more fantastic”, he developed a piece with strong energies and emotions.

Vsevolod’s knowledge of the instrument is very detailed, writing language is one of the most interesting I ever heard and music is poetical as well as philosophical. Guitar repertoire doesn’t have something similar to that piece.

I am happy, that composers in (from) Estonia in recent years started to write serious works for the classical guitar, enriching and contributing to the classical guitar repertoire.

Thank you, Vsevolod, for this great piece!