A piece for a voice, guitar and double bass

A piece for a voice, guitar and double bass is almost ready! 🙂

Since the beginning of my official music studies I was educated in terms of classical music and classical harmony. Later, when I started to write my first pieces (with a “help” of destructive criticism of some teachers), it was hard for me to write in some other style. I did try, but as a result came pieces, that sounded completely atonal or pieces that sounded as some studies of Ferdinando Carulli or Fernando Sor.

It took me quite a few years, until I started to develop my own style of writing, mixing rules of tonal classical music with some jazz and pop music. I consider it very important, while doing such experiments with mixing different styles, to have a good knowledge of these styles, to know how the classical, jazz and pop harmony works.

At the beginning it seemed to me, that it is impossible to write a nice piece, mixing all these styles and making it sound interesting, not grotesque. Later on, I started to understand that there are no impossible things – yourself you put boundaries and limitations of what is possible. With the consistent study under the guidance of great musicians, through trying out different things and always searching for the better solutions,  now I find myself able to mix in compositions different tonalities, different bar length and different rhythms. And the piece sounds great. That what I was dreaming about for many years: to have freedom in writing, that freedom when you are able to express your emotions freely and purely as they are, but putting them in beautiful organised shape!