New pieces for solo guitar

One month vacation is passing away! For me it meant (as always) working/studying on my own and preparing for some exams. Few new pieces are already under construction. Also, decided to learn write better poetry and more interesting texts for my songs, so currently dedicating some time it (texts yet in Russian, but soon will try also in English).

Recently I finished composing few pieces for solo guitar and performed them in the front of small audience. Pieces were warmly received. I will search for possibilities to record them on video, so I could share them with you too.

One of the pieces, a stylization of 16-17 century music, is inspired by John Dowland’s music and great Renaissance master – Palestrina. Another one was born from a Slavic melody (that was sounding in my mind for a some time and, frankly, I don’t know where I heard it :-) ). Third one is inspired by the music, that my dance teacher back in Finland used to play at the lessons and parties and which has some African rhythms and is one of my favorite pieces. The fourth one is dedicated to a very important person in my life – my brother.

Pieces are not easy technically. I tried to use fingerings, that put the instrument to sound well and show its beauty. It’s important, that person who writes for the instrument is well acquainted with it.

I learned, that writing in a specific style, making a stylization, is not an easy thing! Even harder is to mix it with your own style of writing. It’s a question of compromises and sometimes they are not easy ones. I had to (and still do!) study the works of great masters, listen to their music carefully and trying to understand the spirit of those times. Creating some of my own harmonies and lines I try to write something, that could take me back in time for a cultural, musical journey, but with the knowledge of nowadays’ world.

Four months of studies under the guidance of great teachers already paying off!