New piece for guitar duo is coming

Two weeks ago, after my Indian music lesson I was walking home, when suddenly in my head was born a concept of a new piece for two guitars. All the road I was singing the melodies, trying not to forget them. After arriving at my place, I immediately took a pencil and started to write them down, as well as the ideas of development.

The piece has completely new concept, than what I have ever done before: entirely new world of melodies, intervals and feelings, some of which are inspired by Indian music and some by the Nature and Universe. It will consist probably of three parts: Introduction, Prelude and Fugue.


When I woke up today morning and finished two parts of the piece, I felt for the first time BEING A COMPOSER. I think the feeling came because of few reasons. But first, let me answer the main question: who is actually a composer? In my opinion, one can consider himself a composer, when he has his own specific language of writing, knowledge of different forms (how to write in different forms: Sonata, Fugue etc.) and ability to transfer his life experience into sounds, music. Obviously one can propose another definition, but I just tried to write in few words, how I understand it.

But now – back to work, work, work… 🙂