New piece for two violins

Yesterday I started to write a new piece for two violins using African rhythms 🙂 That’s something interesting to think of and try. We, guitarists, have great Leo Brouwer (whom I had lucky chance to meet in person and talk!), who uses a lot of African rhythms in his music. So why not to try doing something similar for two violins? Violin is a great instrument, with many possibilities and I can imagine some groovy and funky music on it. I did write one or two pieces for the a violin and used to play with violinists some classical repertoire, but decision to write a piece, when you cannot play the instrument, is an interesting task and to do it well, one has do thorough study of an instrument. So I decided to dedicate some time to watching some violinist’s performances on youtube, as well as to read some modern scores.

Finger picking on the guitar sound great, so I would like to create something similar on two violins. Let’s see where this road leads 🙂