A.D. libitum recording a new piece


Making an arrangement for me makes sense only when a musician has something new, fresh and interesting to propose: new vision of a piece, giving a bit different color and meaning to words, opening a new dimension.

This Sun with Angelito we are going to record my arrangement for two guitars of Joe Cocker’s song “You Are So Beautiful”. I like very much Cocker’s sensitive interpretation of this song and I listen often to it each time amazed how much feelings he can present every time when he sings it.

The idea to make an arrangement was born when few weeks ago I was walking in a beautiful quiet square in Geneva singing and improvising this song in mind. At certain point I found myself creating a song in several aspects different from the original. When I came home I wrote all the ideas down: my vision and feelings about these words: “you are so beautiful to me.” Everyone feels differently while saying it to an important person.