Uniting feelings and theory of music

Recently I wrote couple of pop songs: one is for guitar and voice and another is simply a guitar piece called “A Song Without Words”.
Usually I write more “light” music when I want to exercise melody variations, rhythms and voice leading and check how work basic important things that I learn at the school.
Songs came out nice and appealing, listeners like them.
Since I study on my own also aesthetics of music and music and emotions I learned few effective rules how to create attractive and pleasant pieces what I call “positive music” (cause it brings to a listener positive emotions and strong feelings).
So finally I understood and achieved (up to some extend) my dream: to unite feelings and music theory knowledge in one. The result is encouraging!
I know many composers who write their music by calculating mathematically everything, but not thinking much about human’s basic feelings and emotions. By going this way their “music” becomes dry and uninteresting (maybe only scientists and music theorists can be curious about such music). But music is not only about the science and calculations. Even Bach didn’t rely only on theory and numbers. On the other side there are people who write music without any theoretical background and then they lack of clearness, coherence and power in their music. Uniting both creates a strong musician out of a person.