New piece for two guitars

Almost finished my next piece for two guitars.

It will be entitled A Dream (Ru. Мечта – Metchta), I guess. What made me choose this English word, is that it has several meaning and two of them are: visions that person sees during the night, as well as the moment when we dream while awake. In Russian there are different words to describe these two actions, so to avoid confusion I took the English one.

Story behind: last year I wrote a poem in Russian, called Metchta. Since I am not that good at writing poems, after reading it for a few times, I decided better to write a song for soprano and guitar, based on the poem. Another thing is that when I write for other instruments than guitar, I prefer to spend time discovering niceties of other instrument: listening performances, discussing techniques and closely studying the repertoire. Since these days I don’t have this possibility, the soprano part eventually became first guitar’s part 🙂

Getting inspiration from life and transcribing it into music is one of my specialties. In A Dream I describe my vision of what it feels like when your dream is coming true. Sometimes we don’t get exactly what we expect. It doesn’t have necessarily bad, but just smth different from what we waited for.