(Woke Up) In the Dream. Recording.

Yesterday spent a pleasant day at the Studio89, Tallinn. Duo Telluur was recording my piece (Woke Up) In the Dream for English horn (or Oboe) and guitar.

Since myself I have little of experience as a sound technician / engineer, for me it was fascinating to see how the professionals work in high class studio. The musicians were magnificent as well as the sound engineer. They worked with their entire heart and soul, giving all they have. What else can a composer dream of except for great musicians to record his music?

The piece was written specially for that duo last year and has four parts: Walking in the Forest, African Waltz, By the C and In the City. It is a representation of a night sleep. Sometimes we see dreams at night: one, two, three, sometimes more. Those dreams contain our desires and fears. “(Woke Up) In the Dream” refers to the feeling when you go sleeping and see again a dream, that you have seen before. So, in a way, you “wake up” “there” and continue your (second) “life”, there, in that dream”.

First dream – “Walking in the Forest”. Summer. You, an urbanite, enter the forest. Walk around, contemplate; hear your steps, leaves in trees, see its creatures from time to time here and there.

The second one – “African Waltz”. Here I mixed features of European and African music. We all are born to move in a rhythm and it is our natural desire, a way how to express ourselves.

Third dream – “By the C”. Living in Tallinn, I often go to a shore (especially in the summer) of the Baltic sea, alone or with someone close: listen to the waves, wind and gulls.

The last one – “In the City”. I live outside the center, but work in the center. Every time I go to work I enter it’s crowds, rush and mechanisms. Walk down the streets – people with different expressions passing by… Interesting: every year I travel somewhere and it’s interesting that only in Estonia or Russia I find people with these specific faces – life is written on their face: expression are complex, contain a lot of turns of fate. Kind, angry; lost, found; young, middle, old; constructions workers, businessman, sellers, IT workers… Hundreds and thousands. Sometimes I take a sandwich and take a sit in a green park in the middle of the town: less of noise, people sit on the benches, some read newspapers.

After mixing is done, I will upload the recording or part of it.