New piece “Above The Stars”. Hope you like it!

It’s almost a year, that I dance this wonderful Angolan dance – Kizomba.

In the beginning, when I just saw people dancing it, it looked a bit fishy to me (if you search on YouTube videos where people dance it, you will get what I mean). But with time I got more into the philosophy of the dance and got the real point of it. Things aren’t always what they seem at the first glance 🙂

Further, attending Kizomba parties, taking classes, listening to hundreds of Kizomba songs, I felt like making couple of my own compositions. I wrote few for classical guitar and showed them to my Kizomba teacher. He said that they are nice, but he cannot dance without the beat. So, then it took me time to get program called ProTools and learn how to use it.

Finally, I was able to create a song. I like instrumental music in general, because it is not limited with words – anyone can sing his/her own words along with the melody, if desired.

Dancing close to your partner and communicating through the movement, listening carefully and reacting to the rhythms in the sensual music is what I find attractive in Kizomba dance. “Above The Stars”. Hope you like it!