Copying and creating

It takes pain to create something of your own. To come up with a thing that didn’t exist before. Many years ago I became interested in what steps have to be undertaken to start being (more) creative.

1st, you have to hear and see what have been done before you. Describe it with simple words. What you see? What you feel about the creation? Why do you think people need that thing?

Then you try to imitate it.

Repeat two previous steps again with another thing. Again hear and look again. Imitate. Do it for few weeks until you collect some amount of ideas and tools, create and build base from others’ ideas. Get together a “vocabulary”.

Then you can try putting together all those things in different order. Playing with it like a kid with cubes. It is fun and it is working!

Nothing comes out of nothing. There should be something before and looking at it one creates new things. Saying that “I am not talented (some add “not talented enough“)” is false. You learn, think and then do. Three actions required to succeed. To be talented and innovative requires action. As well as falling and raising. Learning, thinking and doing cannot be avoided! 🙂