Fingerstyle guitar

Few days ago published my first fingerstyle guitar arrangement. For that purpose I have chosen a popular Estonian song “Kauges Külas”. Fingerstyle is when you play simultaneously more than one voice line: melody, bass and accompaniment, sometimes even percussive effects. The playing style itself is nothing that really new (polyphonic – multiple voicing, – music playing on an instrument existed for centuries!), but the sound production + some percussive effects in our days is brought to a slightly new level. It is mostly a merit of such guitarists like Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel among others. I’ve met Tommy in person many years ago and several times went to his concerts each time couldn’t take my eyes of the show and got inspired greatly. Finally, I found time for extra practicing and brought my skills in that style to a certain level and became brave enough to publish my own arrangement in so called “fingerstyle guitar”. Here it is, “Kauges Külas” (Estonian “In A Faraway Village”):

Dmitri & Tommy Emmanuel