Summer + guitar

During this summer I will film videos covering next topics:

(1) RHYTHMS. How to play and count them. Popular rhythms in traditional, rock and pop music.

(2) LEARNING A NEW PIECE. On the example of a piece will explain what are important aspects while learning a piece, common mistakes while learning a piece. Viewers will be given a chance to ask questions and comment, as usually.

(3) HOW TO HOLD A GUITAR. Few ways to hold an instrument, necessary equipment that you might need to support the guitar.

(4) “I DON’T WANNA PLAY GUITAR ANYMORE!”. What to do, when you don’t feel like inspired to practice anymore? How parents can help a child, when faced that problem?

(5) SCALES. How to play scales. Fingering and different types of scales.

(6) PIECES. Will film and record some of the pieces for students of different difficulty levels.

(7) THEORY. General information on what is tone, half tone, intervals etc.

All that will appear on my YouTube channel, as well as here, in BLOG. STAY TUNED! 🙂