Bamboo in the Wind

Practicing Qi Gong relaxation and meditation techniques for about half a year I wanted to write a piece for guitar, that would reflect a state achieved while doing exercise called “Bamboo in the Wind”. The exercise itself goes like that:

Bring your feet together and place the hands over the lower abdomen. Relaxed into the legs. Close the eyes if you want. Begin to feel the natural rhythm in your body. Allow yourself to follow this natural rocking and movement that comes from within. Don’t force the movement. Just allow it to come. Take some deep breaths, allow yourself to rock and sway. Have a sense of openness through your upper back. Let your body be like a bamboo gently moving in the wind. Simply allow your body to unwind. A dynamic harmony of being relaxed but energized at the same time.

The piece is ready and under practicing. Soon comes the recording. Even though the inspiration came from that exercise, I also imagine this piece standing as a separate and independent composition.

Stay tuned!