“Time” by Hans Zimmer from the movie “Inception”

“Time” by Hans Zimmer from the movie “Inception”. When I first listened to this composition on CD, I was afraid to turn it off, as if I did, something will happen, if it stops playing. So I was listening it on a repeat quite a few times! This piece by Hans Zimmer is simple, if you first look at it. But the more you listen to it – the more you realise depth and complexity of it. The “Time” has Renaissance clarity and purity with the ballanced voice leading, as well as the modern pop music simplisity and repetition in it. About the arrangement: it took a few days to find an apropriate tonality to play it on the guitar. Original is in the E minor, I did it in the A minor, because felt that this tonality permits to follow the original voice leading in the best manner and which is also important – feels natural in the left hand. Hope you enjoy it!