Patrick Benham. 7 Easy Guitar Solos

By level, these works are intended for early grade players. These are seven short pieces varied in style which are reflected in the titles: Invitation, Humoresque, La Marionette, Elegy, Lullaby, Cubana and Ballad of the Hill.

I studied and played these long ago, when I was just a beginner in guitar and loved them as soon as I heard.

Today, Patrick is a great inspiration for me in another way – as a pedagogical material writer. I draw a lot of inspiration from his works to write pieces for my own students.

Week ago I searched for more information about him and his work and was very sad to read that he is not alive anymore.

This music works well as a background music. So you might want to try it for study concentration, finding quiet amidst turmoil and closing the work week.