AD libitum duo coming out



Dear fans,

Hope you are all doing great, even though the quarantine and all the restrictions messed our lives up. But the music and the fantasy has no limits, no boundaries! And it will keep us alive and positive. So, think only about good stuff and look forward. All will be fine.

It has been a long time (about 4 years) since we went out of sight due to the fact that Dmitri finished his studies in Geneva and went back to Estonia. But we kept in touch and communicating. But now, once again, guitarist Angel Tomas-Ripoll teams up with guitarist Dmitri Timoshenko to blend the colors of Spain, Estonia, Africa, American finger-style and pop music into a confluence of passion, color and atmosphere.

In between the guitarists gained new experiences as players as well as composers and are ready to write more diverse and exciting music.

And what is special is that this time they will produce only original music, written by them and performed by them.

They plan to produce a couple of pieces per month, willing to produce altogether about 10 tracks.

So, tune up! Hope you will like what comes next!

Sincerely yours, AD libitum guitar duo.