Monthly Archives: April 2015

Looong exam :-)

Yesterday, on Sunday, I had a longest exam in my life – 8h (!) – and it was orchestration. When I work, I like to have a lot of space to put all my notes on. Nowadays seems, that table in size of two school desk is more or less enough 🙂

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New piece for two violins

Yesterday I started to write a new piece for two violins using African rhythms 🙂 That’s something interesting to think of and try. We, guitarists, have great Leo Brouwer (whom I had lucky chance to meet in person and talk!), who uses a lot of African rhythms in his music. So why not to try […]

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New piece for solo guitar – Tribute to Ilya Muromets a bogatyr

Today I finished another new piece of mine for solo guitar.  Here is a short background of the piece: When I was a small kid, my mother used to read me a lot of Russian fairy tales, when I went to bed: breathtaking adventures of strong knights and beautiful princesses, battles between good and evil, […]

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