In Dmitri’s repertoire are various pieces of different composers from the Baroque to the Modern age. He is constantly expanding his repertoire by learning new pieces.

O r i g i n a l  M u s i c:

(works written by Dmitri Timoshenko)


– “Kizomba” (inspired by the West African music)

– “Brothers”

– “7 Stories from the Village”

– “Theme, Variations and Finale (Tribute to Ilya Muromets a bogatyr)”

– “Five Small Lapish Sonatas” (inspired by Lapish traditional music)

– “Knocking on Heart’s Door”

– “The Seasons” (inspired by the nature of Lapland)

– “The Tree” (inspired by the Persian music)

– “6 Varieties of Love” set of 6 small pieces for solo guitar (inspired by the Ancient Greece)

– Suite: “The Field”, “The Mystic River” and “In The Clouds”

– “MOODS” (Set of short pieces): “By the Seashore”, “CAFE”, “Roses”, “Changes”, “Searching (for the Harmony)”


– “Once Upon a Time in Russia” for two guitars

– “The Miraculous Monk” (commissioned by the Vanalinna hariduskolleegium)

– “Un Reve” for two guitars

– “I and Thou” for two guitars (orig. for two violins. Inspired by the West African music)

– “Farewell” arr. for two guitars (orig. piano solo)

– “Promise” for two guitars

– “A Tune” for two guitars

– “Busy” for two guitars


– “The Bee and the Flower” for four guitars and narrator (a fairy tale for kids and parents)


– “Там, Где Вечно Дремлет Тайна…” (“Where Mystery Eternally Asleep…” trans. D.T.) for soprano, guitar and double bass. Text: Sergei Essenin

– “Кровь Бежит по Томным Жилам…” (“Blood Runs Through the Languid Veins…” trans. D.T.) for lute and soprano. Text: Georgy Ivanov (commissioned by the L’Association des concerts de musique ancienne, Christine Gabrielle Madar)

– “Fugue in G-Major” for string quartet

– “Kizomba” for English horn (or oboe) and guitar

– Suite “(Woke Up) In the Dream” for English horn (or oboe) and guitar (commissioned by the Duo Telluur)

– “The Laughing Song” – for guitar and soprano. Text: William Blake

– “Farewell” – for solo piano

– “Above the Stars” (Electronic dance music. Kizomba)

– “Falling in Love” (Electronic dance music. Kizomba)


Francesco da Milano – “Ricercare” and “Fantasia”

John Dowland – “Lachrimae Pavan”


J.S. Bach – “a-minor Sonata” for solo violin (arr. Timo Korhonen)

J.S. Bach – “g-minor Sonata” for solo violin (arr. Timo Korhonen)


Mauro Giuliani – “Rossiniana No.3”

F. Chopin – “Nocturne op. 9 no. 2” (arr. F. Tarrega)

Miguel Llobet – “Catalan Songs”

Kaspar Mertz – “Bardenklänge” opus

Moreno-Torroba – pieces from collection – “Spanish Castles”

Isaac Albeniz – “Granada” and “Sevilla”

Miguel Llobet – “Catalan Songs”

Enrique Granados – “Valses Poéticos”

Joaquin Turina – “Sevillana”

Hector Villa-Lobos – “Etudes”

Hector Villa-Lobos – “5 Preludes”

Manuel Ponce – “Prelude and Ballet”


Leo Brouwer – “Etudes I – XX”

Toru Takemitsu – “All in twilight”

T. Takemitsu – “To The Edge Of Dream” for guitar and Orchestra

Carlo Domeniconi – “Variations on Anatolian folk song”

Toshio Hosokawa – “Japanese Ancient Songs”

Estonian music:

Riho Esko Maimets – “Aftermath” (written for Dmitri Timoshenko)

Vsevolod Pozdejev – “Poem for Guitar” (written for D. T.)

René Eespere – “Evocatio”

Guitar duo:

J.S.Bach – “Inventions” (arr. for guitar)

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco – “Preludes ja Fugas”

Antoine de Lhoyer – “Duo Concertante op.1”

Antonio Ruiz-Pipó – “Homenaje a Villa-Lobos”

P. Tchaikovsky – “Seasons” (selected pieces, arr. Dmitri Timoshenko)

A. Scriabin – “Preludes” op. 74 (selected pieces, arr. D.T.)

Manuel de Falla – “Spanish Dance No. 1”

Paolo Bellinati – “Jongo”

Riho Esko Maimets – “Prayer of Quiet” (written for D. T. and Vahur Kubja)

Astor Piazzolla – “Adios Nonino”, “Cafe 1930”

Astor Piazzolla – “Tango Suite” for Two Guitars

René Eespere – “Ante Diem” for Two Guitars

Duo with a cellist:

A. Piazzolla – “Cafe 1930”

F. Schubert – “Sonata Arpeggione” (arr. Timo Korhonen)

J.S. Bach-Gounod – “Ave Maria”



John Dowland – “Lachrimae Pavan”


Vsevolod Pozdejev – “Poem For Guitar” (Poeem kitarrile)


René Eespere – “Evocatio”


Dmitri Timoshenko – “Knockin’ On Heart’s Door”


Dmitri Timoshenko – “I and Thou” (played by Angel Tomas-Ripoll and Dmitri Timoshenko)


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