Composition for everyone

During the last couple of weeks with my students we were creating and working on their own pieces.

Most of them picked up a guitar for the first time in their lives and now, couple of weeks later, some are already playing technically demanding atonal stuff: fingers move fast back and forth, creating interesting moods: sounds of nature (water, wind in the trees, fox chasing a rabbit), a city life (train ride, trip to school). Each one of them does interesting things.

Playing around with their own pieces-creations, improvising them (changing each time a little bit, adding and removing things) is fun and makes the music live.

Making your own music it’s like building your own castle of sand. It is nice to watch work of someone else, but it is also exciting and involving to make your own! Doing so will help to understand better creations of others (seeing and appreciating the efforts and solutions taken to complete a piece). There are many different ways in which creative process contributes to the development of children, as well as of adult.