Concert “Creating music” 24.11.2016

Today’s concert in Rakvere passed according to its title – “Creating music”.

The last piece was composed directly at end of the concert by the audience (kids, parents, students – all who came) and performed by Estonian guitarist Vahur Kubja and me.

It sounded nice! The piece is all written down, well preserved and now I am thinking about the best way of presenting it to public.

Tomorrow is the second concert of the series! 🙂


For me the audience is very important: they give life to a musician and his craft. I always wanted to thank them somehow for that. Finally, I got the chance. I decided to show, that every single human is a creator, a composer. Wanted to break the idea, that the title “Composer” can be awarded only to chosen ones. Everyone can do it simply by following certain steps and having fun. There is nothing difficult. You don’t have to be a special in any way to do that. This quality is our inborn natural talent.