In step with the times

Technology comes more into our lives.

Some people resist. Some – accept, adopt and build them into their lives.

I always was a bit afraid of the computers and programs. Because when comes a problem, pretty often there is no one to assist you and you keep struggling with your computer trying to solve it. Seems that you did everything to make the thing work, but it doesn’t want to. Sometimes it’s because you forgot to put somewhere a check mark. Or didn’t do update and drivers are old. I spent (and still do!) tens and tens of hours, days, surfing on Internet and different forums in attempt to find solutions for some problems with my computer programs. In the beginning feeling of helplessness was looming… With time, I got used to coping with the problems on my own, chatting on forums and waiting for days to an answer.  So, it’s not a problem anymore. In fact, sometimes even specialists couldn’t solve my problems and, after a week of thinking, blindly checking-unchecking some functions in a program, I finally solved it my own. In those moments I felt my self esteem soared up to the sky.

Recently I bought some professional music programs to work with sound and decided to learn how to work with them. Among them are Pro Tools and Kontakt. These programs enable you to work with virtual instruments, create different sound effects, beats etc. Also I keep improving my recording skills at my home studio (recording, cutting and putting together different tracks. At the moment only a guitar, but for future I have a plan is to expand the list of instruments).

In future, I believe, every musician will have his own home studio and be able to record himself professionally. No matter, classical, jazz or heavy metal. Create good quality backtracks, record entire band, orchestra and many more. Some people are afraid of getting involved in too many things: playing, composing, sound engineering etc. But the true is, that these days the programs are made easy to use and they keep getting more user friendly. In old times every musician knew at least two instruments, was a composer, performer, conductor and that often wasn’t his main specialization. So, what keeps us away from obtaining new skills and widening our ken? To be a performer, composer, sound engineer and someone else.

Of course, we should have an option to limit technology that is present in our life up to some reasonable level, if we feel that for our life at the time it is better like that. But many scientific achievements really do make our life better and help us in achieving our dreams, if we just take some time to learn how to use them.