Always With You

Today recorded my new piece for solo guitar called Always With You.

I started writing the piece a couple of weeks ago and initially it was just an improvisation, an exercise in melody development. But then it started growing under my fingers.

Tomorrow will shot a video for it and after small mixing will publish it.

Often, when I teach my students to compose their own music, I suggest them first to write something with an attitude of exercise. Because that’s how you learn to wrote tiny compositions first, express little by little your musical ideas (or learn to create musical ideas!). Before having in your head different complicated forms and having pressure that “you must write an entire complete piece or song” you just do “an exercise”, 4 bars, 8 bars or 16 bars long. In that case you are more relaxed and your mind is more creative and free from different restrictions! After you have written tens and tens of exercises like that, it will be more easy for you to approach various and more complex forms.

Stay tuned! 🙂