Two new “epic” pieces for solo guitar

Below are two piece I managed to record at the end of the past year. You are subscribed to my YouTube channel, then you already probably know that.

The past year 2022 was not very rich in terms of publications. There were many other things, changes in life, various events.
I still wrote a plenty of music, improved my skills on the instrument (studying the work of muscles and body position while playing) and made arrangements. A lot of material was prepared and this year I will try to share it with you.
For a performing composer, who I am, there is one difficulty: first you write music with concentration, then you diligently study it, polishing and bringing it to perfection in technical terms, in terms of performance, and it often happens that you write music faster than you have time to learn it. So now I will try to focus and record, if not all, then most of the main works written in the past year.
In the next 2-3 weeks my Swiss Suite for two guitars, which we recorded with my friend and colleague Angel, will be published. Then, a jazz arrangement of one of my favorite Christmas songs. After that, a work inspired by the story of a beautiful animal – a horse (last year I began to learn how to ride a horse). There will also be an improvisation piece using an effects pedal, which I composed while doing yoga (Qi Gong) and meditation. A small waltz in the style of a French composer whom I admire Yann Tiersen. And some other pieces.

I hope you had a wonderful and unforgettable Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your loved ones! Have a wonderful new year and see you soon!