“Suisse Suite” – Dmitri Timoshenko – played by AD libitum Guitar Duo

Switzerland is a small and cozy country in the very center of Europe. Due to its multi-nationality and linguistic diversity, it seems huge. Here you will find a rare combination of natural and man-made attractions. The visiting card of Switzerland is the majestic mountains covered with sparkling snow, picturesque valleys, crystal clear lakes and fast mountain rivers. Switzerland is order and peace, elegant cities and romantic villages nestled in picturesque valleys between gorges. All this causes sincere delight.

It is a mythical country: 4 official languages, 700 types of cheese, the country of chocolate, about 30 million watches are produced in Switzerland annually, vineyards, Confoederatio Helvetica, 208 mountains over three thousand meters high, 1500 lakes, the Swiss eat more chocolate than inhabitants of any other country in the world, Louise Chevrolet, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a citizen of Geneva … Mountains, tropics, medieval cities … You can list for a long time.

I traveled a lot in Switzerland and was shocked by the views of nature, from which the jaw just fell off and the power of speech was lost. Competent organization of life in society and the state: a rich culture, really tangible democracy, incredible diversity and, at the same time, the harmonious unity of everything. It was great to meet and talk to different people: from humble Swiss farmers living remotely in the mountains to bankers and people with huge financial fortunes. Walk the same roads where the foot of Napoleon, Lenin, Stravinsky, Goethe, Wagner, Einstein, Dostoevsky stepped.

This work – “Swiss Suite” – is inspired by all these aspects listed above and is my humble gratitude and tribute to all those people who supported me and were there during my life and study in Switzerland. These are: my family, my friends (especially Angel and his family. Pierre, Arben, Brigitte). And also, of course, the teachers of the Higher Musical School, who taught me the art of playing music (in particular, my mentor is Dusan Bogdanovich, Christine). To the Government of Switzerland, which generously sponsored my studies and life in this fabulous country. Without your help, my big dream would not have come true. I am very glad that I got to know such wonderful people like you!

None of us knows how much time we have on this amazing planet and when we will be face to face with eternity, so it is important to understand what we would like to achieve in life, achieve it, and boldly go to the dream. This is not easy: you have to change many times, lose yourself and find yourself again, be flexible and open to change, perceive failures as lessons on the way to life knowledge, and always celebrate victories to the fullest. To be as open, friendly and kind as possible, not only with those who treat us the same way, but also try to accept the fact that not everyone will treat us well in life. Never give up and you will definitely make your dreams come true and meet people who will help you get closer to your dream and make it come true!

A low bow and respect to my eternal friend and colleague – Angel: your professionalism, musical talent and skill deserve the highest praise, and your personal qualities are worthy of imitation and chanting.

Switzerland certainly has a lot to write music about. In this piece I have focused on Clocks, Mountains, Trains, Cheese&Chocolate, Rivers and finishing it all with the Fugue. Each part is dedicated to some famous composer and written in a certain style.

Hope you enjoy watching and listening!