Unity – Dmitri Timoshenko (Orchestral version)

As the title of the piece – “Unity”, – suggests, this piece describes the powerful feeling that comes from solidarity. The traditions of any tribe and culture on Earth are aimed at being together, united. And not only humans practice this, other animals and living organisms also follow this irresistible instinct.

Regarding the orchestral version of the piece, I can add that I have a secret dream – to write music for films. Therefore, I am gradually collecting a portfolio of works in different styles and for different genres of cinema, and I hope sooner or later to fulfill my dream.

I hope you will like it.

If you have an offer to order original music from me for an orchestra, ensemble, or just an arrangement for visual art – write to me, I will consider it. Recently I started to work more in the direction of composing music for visual arts (advertising, film, theater, etc.). I trained in this professionally, but this direction really interested me only now (previously I was focused on music for concerts and pedagogical repertoire). Since I am just starting to create this portfolio – you have a great opportunity to place an order on favorable terms for you!