Here from time to time I’ll be posting updates to give a little more insight on my work, random thoughts on other subjects as well as information on new projects and similar things.

IMAGINE – J. Lennon

Imagine – played the melody with the bass. I did this arrangement for my students to enrich and support the melody a bit, making it sound fuller. This time it took me a bit longer to arrange a song, because this one is rhythmically complicated, and I wasn’t sure in which key to put it. […]

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New arrangements

Yet, another portion of pieces “MELODY+BASS” is to come in a few days. This time – The Beatles! 🙂 I find it quite nice how melody sounds with the bass. Upper voice in connection with the lower create so called “frame”, giving the melody more space and the “body”. Both voices support each other and […]

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Тёмная ночь

Музыка из кинофильма «Два бойца» – сыграна мелодия с добавлением баса. Я сделал эту аранжировку для моих учеников, чтобы немного обогатить мелодию, чтобы она звучала полнее! Почти половина басов – открыте струны, так что не волнуйтесь, это несложно, я уверен, вы справитесь! 🙂 Возможно вы захотите попробовать смотреть ноты или табулатуру вместе с видео. Под […]

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Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King arrangement

Received an idea to arrange Grieg’s piece from the Peer Gynt suite. It’s hard to find pieces so descriptive and picturesque! I liked the idea. I’ve studied orchestration and arrangement for about 4 years under the guidance of good professors, exercising in arranging from one instrument to the whole orchestra and vice versa. To squeeze […]

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