Next academic year

Another academic year is over, but already generating ideas for teaching during next year.


Many students start instrument playing when the school starts, age 6-7. Children’s reading skills are incomplete or completely missing. Even though actual theory learning doesn’t start at that point, it’s possible to teach to a small children musical glossary through the experience. First it should be explained to a children, what does word in question mean, and he can draw it himself – picture – from the words. In addition, colors can be used. The word is also written under for an explanation. When there is enough glossary, it is possible to do a slide show with a computer and a children improvises through the glossary.

Idea: from the slideshow (presentation) a teacher can also pick for different pieces suitable descriptions.


Choose a story. Fairy-tale, poem, story. Story is read in voice and at the same time voice is supported by the body: clapping, tapping, zipper, drumming, purr (cat), whatever.

Same can be done with a ready piece or improvised with an instrument.


Story/ tale is chosen for a piece. Text can be also pupil’s own invention, when/so that the pupil also had to analyze the piece.

Text is transferred to power-point presentation, so to get presentation. Pupil plays the “story” through. And if the story line direction changes? Improvise!

A teacher can also read the tale and according to the rhythm and nuances student plays.


Story is worked like before. Ready piece is not necessary (only separate measures, phrases), but pupil improvises the feelings (can do it in random order).