Monthly Archives: March 2017

A Form

When I teach composition to my small and big students I always spend some extra time and repeat again how important it is to have a form: beginning, middle part and ending. How to arrange them, so that they work. It’s like a cake: when all the ingredients are mixed without a clear logic, without […]

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Being alone…

About a year ago one Spanish composer came to me after my concert and told: – “You know, Dmitri, we – composers, are alone in what we do!” Now I am starting to understand… Just the other day, felt some special new type loneliness. When I was only a performer, this feeling did not come.

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Two of my students got special prizes

EN A few weeks ago, two of my students have gone to try their skills in a composition contest. They got special prizes. ET Paar nädalat tagasi kaks minu õpilastest on läinud oma jõude proovima kompositsiooni konkursil. Said eripreemiaid. RU Пару недель назад, двое из моих учеников пошли попробовать свои силы в конкурсе композиции. Получили […]

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