Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Power Of Art

It also applies to a poetry, dance, painting and other fields of art. It’s just because I am a musician, I would like to write here about music. Sometimes I receive an invitation to play in uncommon concert place: a hospital,  for example. Doesn’t sound very happy place, does it? The fact is that people there often feel, […]

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A special concert

Today played a small concert for people with a cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s and others). They listened for the playing carefully and really enjoyed what artists did. Some of them were even quietly singing along. Honest interest in their eyes, active presence and sincere thankfulness after the concert will make it a life long memory. Picture […]

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Guitar exam done

One of the happiest days for me. I appreciate all your efforts, that made the day, DEAR ARTISTS: Angelito, Ariana, Celia, Ericka, Emmanuel, Florian, Helene, Lancelot and Maeva. It also wouldn’t be the same without such a nice WARM AUDIENCE, with a good sense of humor, so thank you once again for finding the time […]

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